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WateverEco Company (Pty) Ltd


The company’s strength lies in its ability to investigate and create cost effective solutions to various types of industries. To resolve issues of water contamination due to cleaning methods using non-biodegradable chemicals and where possible replacing these methods with biodegradable chemicals.

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Concrete Industry

  • ConcreClean
  • ConcreFree
  • AluminoClean
  • PowerClean
  • RustClean
  • ShutterGlide
  • AeroClean
  • HandClean



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Commercial and Food Industry

  • GeasegoClean
  • EnviroClean
  • Surface Sanitiser
  • AutoClean
  • AutoRinse
  • Tile & Stone Clean
  • Aeroclean



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Industrial and Transport Industry

  • AeroClean
  • GreasegoClean
  • PowerClean
  • AlominoClean
  • AcidCap
  • OilCap


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